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Sobre mí
Computer Sciences Engineer with over 8 years of experience in the software development, Project Leader, Software Developer, Architect and Software Analyst. Experience developing web applications, e-Learning, Educational Software, Recommender Systems, Apps & Educational Games, Development for mobile technology. Skills to work with RUP and SCRUM software development methodologies. Experience working with development frameworks such as Symfony 1 and 2, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Doctrine, Twing, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbonejs,  Bootstrap, CSS preprocessors, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Spring MVC, Java Server Faces (JSF), Hibernate, JPA, Ruby on Rails. I have worked with various programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. I'm highly responsible, creative and commited to the job. Ease of adaptation, disposition and experience in teamwork and under pressure. Special interest in self-learning.

Github: https://github.com/hlpupo
Historia laboral
COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Dec. 2014 – March. 2015
Project manager, lead architect
Development of a framework for developing multimedia software with free and open source software technologies
Software developer working in a 4 member team (2 software developers, 1 software tester and 1 project manager).
Using as development technologies: JavaScript, AngularJs, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Less, NodeJs, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Karma, Jasmine.

COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Sept. 2014 – Dec. 2014
Architect, Developer
Development of a demo for Android platform of the collection of educational software "El Navegante".
Leader of a team of 5 developers.

COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2014
Leader of application modules, Developer
Development of a platform for managing educational games "Pointer”.
Using as programming language and development framework, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJs, and Express.

COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Oct. 2011 – May. 2014
Software Architect, project manager, Database Designer, Developer
Project Manager and  Architect, working on the development of two tools, one for management and administration of content (Backend) and one for the visualization and interaction (Frontend) with the collection "El Navegante". With a team of 20 developers. (Senior, Intermediate and Trainers).
All the projects were delivered on time, with all the required features implemented, using the most modern technologies and frameworks.
Work on designing the database.
Responsible for the development of two application modules.
Responsible for the architecture design.
Using as programming language and development framework: JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3, Symfony 1.4, and PHP5.

COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Sept. 2010 – May. 2011
Software Developer
Frontend and backend developer for different collections of educational software, using as programming language and development framework: JavaScript, Dojo, HTML CSS, and PHP.

COMPUTER SCIENCES UNIVERSITY (UCI), La Habana, Cuba    Sept. 2007 – Jul. 2009
Working with Senior Developers in the development of Educational Games
I worked in the development of various educational games to be incorporated in the collection of educational software named Multisaber, supported by Ministry of Education in Cuba (MINED).
Using as markup language HTML5, CSS3, as programming languages, JavaScript.

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