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■ In my over 8 years of experience as registered architect, in the architectural design of corporate, retail, residential, institutional, health and educational buildings, with responsibility for the planning, coordination, supervision, and execution of architectural design.

■ Expertise in performing early design exploration in software such as Auto CAD and 3Ds Max. Rhino, SketchUp; refining and advancing the design using Revit; and creating renderings in 3D Max with Vray plugin for project presentations and design validation.

■ I consider myself an Methodic Architect with advanced skills using 3D architectural design and visualization software.

■ with over 12 years of experience creating digital models in Auto CAD, 3ds Max and using the Plug in Vray for over 5 years, Revit is new to me since I've only been using it for a year, with good results for projects designated to me by the City Hall of La Paz, Bolivia.

■ I am adaptive, patient, persistent, inquisitive, unremitting and forward thinking seeking synergistic solutions.

■ It is very challenging to write about my own strengths and weaknesses, my experiences have taught me that my success strongly depends on giving everything to achieve the objective, and having attitude doing it.

■ My goals are several some are personal and some in a professional level, I want to be recognized worldwide for my work and successes.

■ I want to be an active member of the Autodesk user community and be a top-rated speaker at Autodesk University
Historia laboral
* CityHall of La Paz Bolivia (Architecture & Planning): I have a responsibility to correct what colleagues design in the office.
I design projects for different areas such as:
Health (two hospitals)
Education (training centers, colleges),
Sports (football field and locker room with dining areas)
Infrastructure (bridges, viaducts , pedestrian bridges, bus stops, squares and parks)
Security (police modulo)
and more.....
in the time that I am often congratulated for my work and dedication.

* Fluidarq (Architecture & Planning): We design solutions
Experts in Renders
We also work international

* Mr. Walter Teran (Executive Office) [desde 7/2012]: It is a very complete project, has operating room, laboratories, clinics and the grooming area.

* SIMTE (Executive Office) [desde 7/2009]: The design was made according to the program of functions that would meet these offices and its employees.
It´s located in the south side of La Paz in a very attractive avenue.

* Doctor Carlos Teran (Health, Wellness and Fitness) [desde 2/2009]: The office the Dentist bought was a deposit, It was a big challenge to make a Dental Clinic from a deposit. now it´s pleasant place.

* Engineer Arau (Civil Engineering) [desde 10/2008]: This project has a very complete and well settled function with first class finishes

* Mr. Zuazo (Architecture & Planning) [desde 5/2008]: Is a department in the San Pedro zone of La Paz City, it needed refaccion and I did a bit of interior design as well.

* Uni Tours (Executive Office) [desde 1/2008]: This project was in competition and reached the final three, stage that I won with my renders.
The project had several changes, most of all, for the function according to the future owner of every diferent floor (that was on sale).
I achieved to design a project that had it´s difficulties.

* Mrs. Elizabeth Vera (Architecture & Planning) [desde 12/2007]: It was a Remodeling work that needed Design and Supervision Hotel Rosario, this is a wery nice Hotel, I wanted to highlight the hotel's colonial language, I hope that tourists enjoy it.

* Motorcycle Association (Sports) [desde 12/2007]: The Motorcycle Association had the oportunity to have the largest Infrastructure of South America and I did the design with a colleague

* Family Céspedez (Architecture & Planning) [desde 11/2007]: this house was under construction when the owner called me and told me "literally" save me! I've heard a lot about you design the facades, please!
The design was very cute and the family to this day thanks me for the design and supervision.

* Mrs. Esperanza (Architecture & Planning) [desde 9/2007]: This design was accepted under the conditions to approve the plans at City Hall, a work that was successfully finished.

* Family Loayza (Architecture & Planning) [desde 8/2007]: This house was under construction foundations and columns and part of ground floor, when I was hired to finish but with a different design, another job done in a very professional way.

* Engineer Mario Patiño (Civil Engineering) [desde 7/2007]: after work he saw, gave me the responsibility to design a new building (Sagle), successfully complete design.

* Mrs. Rosales (Architecture & Planning) [desde 6/2007]: I have the certificate of the Architects Association for appraisals

* Pro Salud (Hospital & Health Care) [desde 4/2007]: a project that was easy to supervise and in a short time.

* Engineer Mario Patiño (Civil Engineering) [desde 3/2007]: I got a call from the engineer: think you can make external renders a building under construction, in 24 hours I have to present them to the mayor?
My answer: yes, and I did it in less.

* Mrs. Quintela (Architecture & Planning) [desde 1/2007]: I did a design maximizing functionality giving comfort

* Esc. Desing (Architecture & Planning) [desde 12/2006]: Esc. Desing is a Furniture company y did different jobs in that company

* City Hall La Paz Bolivia (Architecture & Planning) [desde 11/2006]: I was in charge of approximately 140 construction workers with 15 work fronts, from stands, streets, fields, locker rooms, gutters, drainage system, retaining walls, communal houses, etc.

* Mr. Zuazo (Architecture & Planning) [desde 8/2006]: The design of this little project was on the southside of the city where we have high temperatures and nice weather. I made a minimalist project.

* Town Hall of El Alto (Government Administration) [desde 4/2006]: The design of the center of imports and exports

* A US PHONE COMPANY (Architecture & Planning) [desde 2/2006]: Supervisory personnel and various equipment, interior design, I did various jobs in this period

* Several students (Architecture & Planning) [desde 12/2003]: I used to do Renders for graduation projects so I could have some economic income, at that moment I already had a good level of Autocad and 3d max

* LEMAR ENGINEERS (Civil Engineering) [desde 2/2003]: one of my first jobs as an architect, and what I can remember of it is that I knew at that moment that I was born for Architecture

* LEMAR ENGINEERS (Architecture & Planning) [desde 2/2003]: one of my first jobs as an architect, and what I can remember of it is that I knew at that moment that I was born for Architecture

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