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Leonel S.

Software Engineer III en Xoom Corporation

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I am a talented developer with lots of real world experience. I love to solve problems, not just the technical ones. I lead developer teams into successful projects and stable workflows.

0. Strong leadership skills and of project ownership.
1. Strong knowledge of Java SE and JEE stacks, from early versions 1.x up to latest version SE 9 and JEE 7.
2. Familiarity with RESTful architeure, REST API desgin and implementation, REST programming for both client and sever side( via Spring MVC and JAXRS), Single page application, AngularJS
3. Experience of agile methodology(XP, BDD) and Scrum.
4. Experience managing other developers and development planning.
5. Experience of cloud service, OpenShift, Heroku, Amazon AWS, Google AppEngine, etc.
6. Familiarity with *nix based OS.

Github: https://github.com/lsamayoa
oDesk: https://www.odesk.com/users/~01882d651ac746d862
Historia laboral
* Xoom Corporation (Servicios financieros): Platform - CMS Implementation Team

A new team was formated to cover the the new content management system implementation.
My tasks ranged but were not limited to:
- Team leadership
- Create strategies for content migration
- Integration systems between Xoom’s TMS (translation management system) and the new CMS (content management system).
- Formalization and automation of TMS deployment
- Create strategies for content migration
- Implementation of CMS caching

Platform - Flex Send Team

After dealing with a monolithic architecture and it’s problems, it was decided to migrate the Xoom platform into a microservice architecture. This plan was code named “Flex Send”. As part of this team we were tasked to migrate the legacy monolithic application that was supporting the whole remittance experience into multiple loosely coupled services. I was specifically tasked with extracting localization into a this new SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), my tasks ranged but were not limited to:
- Create localized string repository for other services to use (localization-api)
- Define content management process for Content/QA/Development teams, allowing them to work concurrently.
- Research on how to migrate old blob stored content in old CMS into a new structured way
- Integrate old legacy web application sessions with new applications through orchestration layers
- Legacy code maintenance and improvement for monolithic webapp

Platform - Team-COM (Consumer Optimized Messaging)

As a part of the communications team I was tasked with improvements and maintenance of Xoom’s platform messaging systems. Tasks ranged from low difficulty tasks like copy changes in legacy email and sms messaging systems to upgrading this legacy systems with new solutions.

* Induvidual: https://www.odesk.com/users/~01882d651ac746d862

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