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Blockode Corporation - Python and jquery, javascript job

Published on the April 20, 2020 in IT & Programming

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I need a project based on Django 3 and JS, contain of the following:
one page that allow user to add a plan that has many group, and each project has some tasks, and each task has subtask. All these related form can be added, updated deleted on the same page.
Saving the changes will be at once, when the user completed the plan, or after updating its fields and the relented filed in the groups and tasks/subtasks.
And the user must stay in the same page after saving the results in the database, taking in consideration not to resubmit the data if somethings got wrong like refreshing the page.
The groups and task and subtasks must be sortable using drag and drop functionality that provided by JS and the new order will be saved in the database, and user can add as much as he want of groups, tasks and subtasks without leaving the page.
The second page will have a list of all plans with buttons lead to delete the plan and all related objects, or the above page to update it.

I don't want you to use django-Rest framework or angular/react js. Only the pure django & pure js/jquery, since I will continue working on the project.

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