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Good afternoon,

Our company is looking for an IT expert maintenance company or freelance with expertise in IOS

We have 11 computers distributed in the 3 places where we have offices (Madrid, Geneva, French alps near Verbier). All the computers are PC’S (most of them APPLE as we are trying to migrate all our devices to apple). This family travels a lot and they need to be able to take their office with them wherever they are in the world.

- Project 1 - storage: They have NAS in this 3 places so when they need their documents on spot, they can have access to them immediately and there is no need to download from the cloud and wait for it. The goal is to have 3 identical NAS on the 3 locations that can synchronise constantly so when I edit an excel document, the person in Geneva can see it at the same moment or minutes after. We don’t know if this can be done with NAS or we need another system to synchronise all our computers. The most important thing is that we don’t want to have it on the cloud because it takes longer to download ( we can have the back ups there for example).

- We usually use 4 Terabytes because we have several movies for the family as well that need to be synchronised. However, the important excel and pdf documents maybe are only 1 or 2 terabytes. We have 16 terabytes in synology.

- We have flex and DS video server installed and we would like to see movies from Plex with any device.

- Project 2 - little but vital problems: We also have several problems with apple apps synchronisation as per example: I share my iCloud calendar with someone and I let them edit and see. When I create an event in the calendar of someone else ( because they have shared with me and I can add events for them), once the event is accepted from the participants, I cannot edit anymore. It takes me out of the event because it is not in my calendar. I should still be able to edit as this calendar is shared with me and I created the event.

We have also the problem with exchange, I cannot see someone else exchange calendar from my apple calendar. I can only see my exchange calendar that I have configured as an email address in my apple calendar. If the exchange calendar from the other person is shared with me, I can only see it in the exchange app, not in the calendar from apple. Is there a solution? Should we migrate to google so it is easier to be able to share all the events and contacts with all our workers? Everyone should be able to edit someone else event and see their contacts. What iCloud does not let me do is to create different subfolders for the contacts so I can have family, friends, work, etc… I would like to share only the family contacts with my wife and the work contacts with my employees but I cannot do it.

- Another problem that we are experiencing is that Excel does not work with iOS properly. Excel 2016 is only one core and we have installed a parallel windows desktop to work with excel properly. We would like to have everything with iOs.

- Project 3 - Classify and delete duplicates: We have back ups everywhere that are most of them the same but with less information one than the other. The fear is to loose some documents or pictures and they will need someone to sit with him and detect duplicates, classify everything into one only server. There is lots of information and this may take 3 days but we need someone not as technical to do so with Dan.

With all the above, you can have an idea of what problems we have. We have several projects to be done and we would need someone we can pay per hour and can dedicate different time depending on the amount of work we have. Most of the things are not urgent so it will depend on the amount of work of the freelance we hire from other clients. The most important thing is the projects to be done and problems solved ( with maybe new suggestions, change of servers and systems…). If there is some work to be done in Spain or Geneva, maybe we could concentrate it in 3 days and we will pay for the flights and the hours invested in that project so the freelance can come onsite (if needed). If connecting with team viewer is enough, then we will do so.

Do you think all this problems can be solved and you are able to be in charge of our systems forever as our IT trust freelance? It will be as maintaining a company and implementing new efficient ideas and systems. I know it is not the same to hire someone for 10 hours than for 500 hours a year (this is the average or minimum we are calculating right now)

How much would be the rate per hour to pay if you would like to accept this job? Let me know if you have more questions.

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