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Dom and Cortana help me with my work phones at Domino's Pizza. Dom already does this for the app and on social media. use unified office to answer phones and help with routing and voice commands to help direct employees in a more efficient way






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Rolman B. Locutor y actor de doblaje se postula Venezolano residenciado actualmente en República Dominicana, Voz media agradable y enérgica, poseo medios para grabaciones en mi propia casa. + detalles

Albert Y. After many years of downfalls and depression, I found true happiness and success. I am pursuing my dreams in front of the whole world, pushing others to find their dreams. I am the great leader for 12+ years with lead... + detalles

Manish P. 10 years experienced financial and project management expert worked across different sectors of companies like Deutsche bank, Vodafone ltd, Standard and poors and currently functioning with Accenture as a project manager + detalles

Md A. I. S. i am an exerciser in business .so i want to work in it. + detalles