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We need ten thousand votes until friday 12-28-2012. That´s simple. You only need vote in the website and confirm your vote.
Are 5 simple steps:
1- First step: enter into the site:
2- Step two: Find our picture. Our name is: “FAMILIA SOUZA”
3- Step three: Click in the picture the our family
4-Step four: Create a real brazilian name followed by Exemple: Then, you must write the recaptcha and to click in "CONFIRMAR".
NOTE1:The name before the "@" must be created by you, but” must be constant. That´s very important!
NOTE2:We will send you a list with names and surnames to be mixed in the preparation of e-mails.
5-Step five: Wait loading the page and clik “OK”
Done. Now, repeat it everything again!! We need 10.000 (ten thousand) votes until Friday 12-28-2012

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