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We are two young American entrepreneurs who own a US-based digital marketing agency and are in the process of establishing a new office in Brazil. Our client focus is internet startups in Brazil, primarily exciting ecommerce companies that have significant capital to invest for extreme growth.
This is a potentially very exciting opportunity if you are...
1. A fluent Portuguese speaker/writer (preferably Brazilian Portuguese)
2. You are a knowledgeable SEO professional
New business is being referred to us at a rapid clip, and we'll soon be overwhelmed with the workload (not that we're complaining)! We're looking for a seasoned SEO professional who...
can communicate fluently in English and Portuguese
keeps him or herself current on the latest SEO news and developments
is capable of running high quality SEO audits - both onsite and offsite
is capable of crafting detailed, high-level SEO strategies specific to each client
is comfortable directing content writers and other resources to implement your recommended strategies
is a humble, honest, and like-able
This job is ideal for someone who prefers part-time work initially and/or interested in relocating to Brazil (Note: you do *not* need to relocate to Brazil for this position). Compensation is negotiable. We would like to get started with interested, qualified candidates on a project basis to evaluate our chemistry (more details of the first project to be sent to qualified candidates). It's our expectation that this can evolve into a full-time position in 3-6 months, if desirable for the right candidate. Please send us a note explaining why this opportunity is right for you. Any resumes without an accompanying note will not be considered.

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