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Published on the March 24, 2021 in Writing & Translation

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Discussion Questions:
the question: Cyber ​​espionage is an extension of traditional espionage. Hostiles are permitted to steal information remotely, inexpensively, on an industrial scale. This can be done with little risk to intelligence officers and their clients.
Globally, how serious is the cyber launch threat today? What can countries do to protect themselves from attacks? Are cyber espionage missions against countries morally and legally responsible?


Step 1: Select a topic and start searching

Select one of the four discussion questions above.
This assignment will be a 5-paragraph essay of 800-1200 words. You will choose one of the four discussion questions to write and conduct your research.
Include at least 3 academic resources. Your article and sources should be cited in accordance with APA style.

Open a document in MSWord or Google Docs to use for notes.
List your search terms.
List any good websites that you think will help (such as open source intelligence sites).

Start searching. Use advanced search and Google Scholar.
Copy / paste links to seemingly interesting websites.

Take notes next to the links to the content.
Step 2: Gather five or more high-quality sources

Download copies of the best sites to read it offline.
Find PDF download links.

Find the print buttons and save them as a PDF.
Right click and choose Print or Save As.
Make sure you can find the website again later to write your own APA references!
Read your resources carefully.

Look for biases, facts and opinions.
Check out the authority of the writer.
Check the facts provided.

Think about how the ideas fit into a larger security science framework.

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How many words? Between 1,000 and 5,000 words
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Delivery term: March 25, 2021

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