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Call some people and institutes.

I need someone with social skills to go after some information for me for research purpose. I understand there was a research done in the 90's and some pictures were taken. I wanted access to these pictures. Other similar researchers were conducted since then. I needed someone who could make the contacts in order to get access to this content.

Categoria: Suporte Administrativo
Subcategoria: Assistente virtual
Tempo requerido: Até 5 horas
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário

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Marina I have seven years of experience as an Administrative assistant. I was personal assistant for senior executive, policy advisor, and project manager for international development projects focused on economic growth, p... + detalles

Leandro C. Computer engineer working with data science, games and backend development + detalles

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