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I need extract the urls sources files for videos from the client side and send this URLs to my website.
I need an actionscript that work with any url from Example use: the user into on my site and he paste the video url, then the actionscript should be extract the path to the video file and I should bu manipulate this url side server.
I need url source from client side, why?, because is generating a unique random url per video and per ip and then i would like send this url to my site to i can manipulate.
Example possible URL:
Example: url source from
full path to files to get from this source url (this depends on different video quality options there.):
240p [vk] -
360p [vk] -
480p [vk] -
720p [vk] -
There are many docs about that, and many examples how to get the final full path to files
There is a python example script:

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