Google Map Api - Crear Bitácora y Tabs en Mapa

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We need an API that in general sense will be able to let us:

General objective: Map of all bars and restaurants of a city. With the intention of have data over legal violations of different types: Excesive noise, alcohol permits violation, municipality rules, etc.

General details of requirements:
- The map should let us prepare an inventory of all bars/restaurants of a city (this can be done with current google map standard)
- Have different colors for each category (also can be done with current google map)
- Create a log of actions related to individual bars/restaurants.
- Have multiple tabs when you hover a bar/restauran icon. Each tab should represent a different Institution. For example: Police, Municipality, Distric Attourny, Enviromental Ministry, etc.
- Have multiple users from different departments to register the information. create a Log.
- Ability to upload documents for each bars/rest. For example: Inspection forms, penalty decisions, friendly agreements, etc.
- Abillity to create data for statistics purpouses, etc.

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Integraciones de API: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Otros (Otras APIs)

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