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Hackathon: build applications (Poc) that make use of Affinidi’s open Apis to create Verifiable Credentials.

Published on the April 15, 2021 in IT & Programming

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We invite developers across the world to come and build applications that generate secure, portable and privacy-preserving credentials enabling trust across entities using Affinidi’s APIs

Affinidi has a functional architecture of verifiable credentials, which can be absorbed into various use cases and developed into products. Affinidi also has provided a detailed documentation of how this architecture can be used by developers.

For more information and a comprehensive list of verifiable credentials use cases, see here: https://academy.affinidi.com/25-real-world-use-cases-of-verifiable-credentials-4657c9cbc5e

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Desktop apps
What is the scope of the project? Medium-sized change
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
API Integrations Other (Other APIs)
Required platforms Windows

Delivery term: May 09, 2021

Skills needed