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I need a code to insert in any ea following this martingale or not system to recovery

Published on the November 22, 2022 in IT & Programming

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I need a code to insert in any ea follow like this for metatrader 4:

1-a signal appears the ea buy or sell deppending of the signal

2-trade went ok and profitable, keep the same lot and wait the next signal.

3-or trade not went ok and lost 10 usd for instance

4-with martingale (true) - in the next signal do martingale if the lot was 0.01 now it will be 0.02(martingale option must be optional in true or false in the ext) as soon the trade reach the lost 10 usd the trade will close and wait the next signal

5-with martingale (false) - in the next signal will opperate with the default lot if started with 0.01 will be 0.01 as soon the trade reach the lost 10 usd the trade will close and wait the next signal

6-both for martingale (true or false) - if the next trade is lost it must add the previous loss 10 usd + 5 usd for example if lost in the second trade, so in the next signal the new objective is  to recover the lost the 15 usd lost as soon the trade gets to 15 usd of profit the trade must be closed, also there's a detail it must work per pair, if eur usd lost 15 usd usd chf must not pursue the loss of the eur usd.

7-alternative martingale half close when recover from the loss (ext true or false) - in case of loss same scenario loss of -10 usd, it will opperate the martingale 0.01 next signal will be 0.02 , but in  this option it will close only when reach 20 usd the will close half of the trade, and apply a break even in case of signals goes against to prevent a new loss.

8-minimal loss to recover (int) - a value in terms of usd to recover, lets say there's a loss of -0,20 cents or 0,30 cents, the next will close probably too fast recovering this value and possibly could lose a good trend or signal correct ? so in order to avoid this the value put here will avoid this to happen , so any recovery system martingale or not will only be activated it the loss input here, if it is 1 usd will open the next trade with the objetive to recover this 1 usd and will close.

A need a explantion and example of how to apply to any ea this options and strategy,thanks.

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