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I need 20 ilustrations (and some infographics if you want) for my next 20 blog posts. I'll provide the posts titles (chapter names needs no ilustrations, are just for context)
Chapter 1: Stock Investing Essentials
1)What is a Stock
2)Key Concepts (Risk, Volatility, etc...)
3)Different Aproaches (Technical V/S Fundamental Analysis, Stocks/FOREX/Mutual Funds, etc.)
4)Long/Short Investments
Chaper 2: What to do's before you start buying
1)Gather Information (what where and how)
2)Choosing a broker
3)Investing for long-term growth
4)Investing for Income
Chapter 3: How to's on picking the winners
1)How to use basic accounting to pick a stock
2)How to identify emerging sectors and industry opportunities
3)How to catch Megatrends
4)How to pick stocks getting "The big economic and political picture"
Chapter 4: Best Investments Strategies
1)What's the difference between Investing, Trading and Speculating
2)10 tips when your stock portfolio is down
3)10 tips when your stock portfolio is up
4)10 great Strategies actually works with stocks
Bonus: Resources for Stock Investor:
1)How to use Bloomberg News and What can you get from it
2)How to use Yahoo Finance and What can you get from it
3)How to use Investopedia and What can you get from it
4)How to use Qompazz and What can you get from it

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