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Java Car Rental System without Gui

Published on the November 24, 2021 in IT & Programming

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Java OOP
Create a Car Rental System
Users: Customer and Admin

The user will input his profile as a customer (Name, cell number, email, and birth date) and also show in his profile, the history of the cars he rented.

The program also includes an admin profile.

Class includes car. It must show vehicle type (bus, car, van), vehicle number (Any random vehicle numbers), what type of model, brands per car (BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Aston Martin), and the color of each car.

What will happen in the program:

1. The customer views the list of available cars for rent (Vehicle class, vehicle number, model, and color)

2. When the customer is checking a car, he will pick the vehicle number, the model, the brand, and the color of the car.

3. When he is done picking a car, the customer will set a date when he will return the rented car (Ex: November 3, 2021 rent. November 10, 2021, he will return it).

4. The fee is calculated based on the charge per day and is shown to the customer the total calculation of the fee.

5. When the customer agrees by typing "Okay", he will get the rented car and that car will be listed as unavailable.

6. It also shows to his profile the history of the cars he rented.

7. It will return to the interface. If there's nothing more to do the customer can exit. If he logs onto his account it will still show his order history.

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