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Published on the January 02, 2021 in Finance & Management

About this project

Less than USD 50

Hello there. We are looking for a good and committed professional to build our project.
Please, we appreciate if you read all the informations above.

And feel to make any questions by email, here, or even a Skype talk.
We are looking forward for a long period partner, so it's important to doesn't matter how we go, make a video call before any
agreement, anyways.
That’s the resume of the project:
We need an app to make deliveries for Kiosks in Germany, initially in Frankfurt with potential to expand the whole Germany.

Most of the sales will be around products like Beers, Cigarettes, Sweets, Chips… Fast delivery for people in the streets or parks around
the city and in their homes.
The app is not exactly like a food delivery app, because we will not have the list of the Kiosks (provider, like a restaurant) in the Front
App. The client will just choose the product in a single Catalog and buy it.

But each Kiosk will have their own storage management.
With this functionality we need some specific changes in the normal process. We are listing the buying route above tagging some
particular specifications of our product.

1. We need the App for the Driver, The Kiosks and the Front app for the Costumers.
2. The App will have one single catalog of products with categories and just us, the administrators will manage the front catalog.
3. The Kiosks (providers) that are registered on the App, will be able to select the products that we have in the App Catalog and
than select the amount of storage they have for each product in their own storage.
4. The storage of the Catalog will come from the Kiosks.
5. So, we control the Catalog, the Kiosks control the storage they have of our products.
6. If any of the Kiosks have some of the products, the product will disappear from the front-end Catalog.
Buying Process:
1. The Customer opens the app and chooses the products, add in the cart and finalize the purchase.

2. The App will calculate first wich Kiosk gonna have all the products for that order, and the Kiosk needs to accept the order in
his app, let's suppose in 1 minute maximum.
3. If the Kiosk don't accept the order, the App will calculate the next closest Kiosk.
4. If none of the Kiosks have all the products at once, the App will calculate the order with 2 or maximum 3 Kiosks in a radius of
5km and divide the orders according to the storage (we need to able to control this functions).
5. Example: 1 Kiosk have 3 beers + Cigarette, and the second closest Kiosk have the Wine.
6. After the Kiosks accept the order, the App will search the closest Drivers and the offers the order, the first Driver wich accept
the delivery will get the order.
7. The Driver will drive to the first (or only) Kiosk, get the first delivery, apply the withdraw in the App and drive to the next Kiosk
to get the other products. And activate the delivery process for the Customer.
8. Emergency: It can happens that the Driver gets in the Kiosk and the Kiosk with the approved order says that he dont have the
product anymore, so there must be a button of Emergency, that will make the App recalculate new Kiosks with the storage,
and the Kiosk that missed the order will be blocked until we unblock it on the system.
9. After the Driver confirmed the withdraws, the Customer will receive the new time delivery process "Delivering".
10. After the delivery, the Driver confirm it and the order its done.

Needs and Observation:
1. All the processes will be kept into our system, where the administrative can check in a Desktop panel or website.
2. Extra information: When the client finishes the purchase process if there is a cigarette or alcohol in the cart it will be necessary
to insert an ID verification. We need to check for a German api of id card, use as a reference:
3. * Besides the api of the id german card, the user should be able to upload a photo of an document (check the page)

*Extra step in the delivery process: When the Driver delivers the pack, he asks for the ID card or document for comprove, and
he can have the possibility to takes a photo of it in the last step of the delivery. The ID card will be attached in our system with
the client who made the purchase.
5. We need to have a central administrator user to control all the purchases and to know how much we need to pay for each
Kiosk every week or 2 weeks, we need to able to control that.
6. We need someone who can be present and with a good contact for support afterwards.
7. The Driver need to have a full register with a photo in the app, and uploaded documents for verification in our side.
8. We need to be able to control the distance in Kms for the Kiosks and delivery rate.
9. We need to rate the users of the app in each step. So when the Driver withdraw the order he just select 1 to 5 stars for the
Kiosk. When the client receive the delivery he can evaluate 1 to 5 stars for the driver.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project?: Create a new app
Is this a project or a position?: Project
I currently have: I have specifications
Required availability: As needed
Required platforms: Android, iPhone
I need to: Create an app
App type: Other
Back-end is required: Yes
Payment gateway: Yes

Category Finance & Management
Subcategory Accounting
What do you need? For a startup
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Deadline: Not specified

Skills needed

Microsoft Excel Accounting Financial Analysis

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