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Hello, I need to integrate some code within my website. Being more detailed I need to integrate two Linkedin datas trhought the Linkedin API.
The first is the : Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 , secondly is import some Fields that Linkedin and enter it in a DB ready for Django:

Id A unique identifying value for the member.

This value is linked to your specific application. Any attempts to use it with a different application will result in a "404 - Invalid member id" error.
first-name The member's first name.
last-name The member's last name.
maiden-name The member's maiden name.
Headline The member's headline.
Location An object representing the user's physical location.

See Location Fields for a description of the fields available within this object.
Positions An object representing the member's current position.

See Position Fields for a description of the fields available within this object.
picture-url A URL to the member's formatted profile picture, if one has been provided.
picture-urls::(original) A URL to the member's original unformatted profile picture. This image is usually larger than the picture-url value above.
The LinkedIn member's primary email address. Secondary email addresses associated with the member are not available via the API.
Id A unique identifier for the member's position.
Title The title of the position.
Summary A summary of the position.
start-date A date object, containing the 'month' and 'year', indicating when the position began.
is-current A boolean value indicating whether the member is current in this position.
Company An object describing the company this position belongs to.

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