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We are looking for a Management Assistant that will also be in charge of receiving sales calls and provide customer service in a one year old, fast growing, Travel Operator. The position is in Peru (Though candidates from other countries that can work online and using cloud systems are welcomed) and our products are expedition travel to remote destinations (Africa, Asia, Asia pacific). The most important tasks will be related to customer service and sales but you would also be required to do travel research, budgeting, schedule management, among others. English must be perfect. Must be able to learn CRM and Booking systems based in the SOHO platform.

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Freelancers que ya aplicaron para este trabajo

Nicolas S. C. Tengo experiencia desarrollada en empresas grandes, medianas y en emprendimientos personales. Me gusta el liderazgo junto a la planificación estratégica.  Baso mi trabajo en las relaciones de equipos multidisciplina... + detalles

Carolina R. Soy una persona tranquila, dedicada. Me gusta el trabajo en equipo y los retos a los que me enfrento cada dia. + detalles

Florencia N. (Publicidad / Marketing / RRPP) Independent Publicist Developing of Marketing communications strategies and brand experience. Design communication pieces in graphical format for public thoroughfare and magazines as ... + detalles

Virginia P. I am passionate about building networks to address issues that concern my generation (Youth Unemployment, Sustainability and Human Rights). I have worked at Peace Child International and AIESEC, two international orga... + detalles

María B. Bachelor en turismo y administracion de empresas. Seminario internacional producto cruceros. Viajera, blogger. + detalles

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