Object Oriented Analysis and Design

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You are to implement a Myrmidon Chess game as a GUI-based Java Application. You do not have to implement a computer player it can just be a two human player game. You must use good object-oriented design concepts in designing your program. Subclassing, delegation, composition
and aggregation should be used where appropriate.
In addition to MVC, you must use design patterns in your code, and you must identify what design patterns you use
and where. For example, the board might be a Singleton. The behaviour of the chess pieces might be implemented as
a Strategy or State. You might use an Abstract Factory, a Factory method, or a Prototype to create the pieces. (These
are only ideas; you do not have to use these particular design patterns, and are encouraged to think about which
design patterns might be suitable.) You may come to see the lecturers to discuss your design.
You should make your program user friendly, with suitable menus, save game, resizable windows, flipping the screen when it is the other player’s turn, etc. You must document every class and method. You must practice proper indentation. Marks will be deducted if you do
not do this.

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Project size: Small
Is this a project or a position?: Project
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