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This is a very particular project that we hope Workana is the right platform for. My company in Latin America (office based in Bogota) has been given the whole United States market for online sales of the products we represent, intended to end users. The main office of the company I represent will not dedicate resources to online sales, that’s why they offered me to take the US market.

I’m interested in offering this opportunity to a fellow Latin American, proficient in the English and Spanish languages.

I need someone with enough vision to see this is a great opportunity to profit from, but as mentioned, the company has no resources. It is up to you to dedicate part of your day to this activity, along with me. Take into account:
- the size of the market. This is one in a lifetime opportunity where all there’s to do, is to create the right campaign and tools to make sales (landing pages, shopping cart, retargeting, social media, etc) and creating a list of buyers to which we can sell every product of our portfolio. The prospects list and the buyers list belong to the company. This is key (an agreement will be signed).
- the company I represent owns the production, they will do the shipping and payment processing.

This office, as well as the freelancer, will make money out of commissions. There’s no basic fee for this, for any party. Workana does not allow to go with commissions only, so that’s something we need to check out with this platform. This local office will pay for all the necessary tools (LPs, advertising investment, etc).

With this done, we will also begin sales in Colombia, which will be another income opportunity of income for you and I.

We will be allowed to create bundles, and other necessary marketing offers.

This is a long-term deal, meaning years of selling online, as our products will be repurchased over and over again.

We have different products intended to gardening and landscaping users. We have permission to mainly reach home users, gardening enthusiasts.
We also have a product intended for fungus, mold and mildew prevention in homes. We reach home owners that do their own home repairs and maintenance.
We also have a key product for dust mitigation in parking lots and other spaces where dust is a problem. This is still to see which market segment, or even niche, we will be allowed to sell to.

In all cases there are different packaging sizes. We will begin slowly, with a couple of products, and then we will be introducing the rest of the portfolio.

What I need from you:
First of all, and this is critical, I need you to write and understand English very, very well, as you will be helping in creating content, designing and writing posts, using tools in English (shopping cart must be in English).
I need you to have experience in sales, online sales, online marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, web design.
I need you to have certain knowledge of the look-and-feel of shopping carts and websites that are appealing to the United States shopper. If you don’t, you would have to do a research. Nothing complicated.
You have to live within the time zones of the Americas, so we can work together on a daily basis.
It’s ok If you have other additional activities at this moment. We understand.

As you see, I’m looking for someone who knows a lot, but the exchange is the opportunity to profit from the United States market, and make money in US dollars. I can do all I just mentioned before, but I just don’t have enough time. That’s why I’m willing to include a freelancer to work with me.

If you have a proposal, let me know about it, along with your experience and expertise. By the way, I will only read proposals that come in English. Please be fair, don’t have someone else to write it for you.

Many thanks.

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