Php Developer

Publicado: Hace 4 años Duración del proyecto: 1 - 4 semanas Horas requeridas: No definido Idioma: Inglés (Avanzado) Propuestas: 13 Freelancers interesados: 14



We seek a results-oriented developer that meets the following requirements:
•PHP and JavaScript experience.
•Developing RESTful APIs
•Capable to create Restful api's sdk
•advanced english
•great communication skills
•education: systems eng. Or alike is required.
Desired Skills
•Experience implementing protocol oAuth 2.0
•API Writing
•Out of the box thinker, capability to solve problems and innovate.
•Organized and oriented to action.
•Great communication skills, both in English and Spanish.
•Leadership; to lead projects, help others and be a technical
reference for the team.
•Flexible and eager to learn and take new professional challenges.

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