Php Script for Xml input into Mysql database

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Create a php script that should ready xml files (based on a xsd schema) from a aws folder, insert the information into a mysql database hosted in aws.
For testing purposes, the script should be activated by a manual call (click of a button) from another PHP page (to be developed as well), but for production, it should run automatically based on a time criteria (every xx minutes) to be defined by the application admin.
Database schema and access info will be provided.
XML example (ConsultaNfseResposta.xml) and XSD schema (nfse_pcrj_v01.xsd) provided.
Script will be hosted on AWS.
* Category: IT & Programming
* Subcategory: Web Development
* Is this a project or a position?: A project
* I currently have: I have specifications
* Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
* Required availability: As needed
* Roles needed: Developer

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