Presentation for a Legal Marketing Professor

One of our clients (lawyer, professor in legal marketing for lawyers) is willing to invest in the design of the classes.
We are looking for somebody to develop and deliver the following 2 items:
1. Create a visual identity and use it to deliver a business card and an email signature.
Delivery: business card and email signature
Deadline: 5 days since kickoff of the project.
2. Design of a powerpoint presentation of 300 slides.
Delivery: Powerpoint presentation of 300 slides (content provided by Storyteller/content in portuguese)
Deadline: 20 days since delivery of item 1.
Details: The job of designing the presentation consists in:
a. Creating the graphic design / visual identity of the presentation (define color settings, grid, fonts, typestyles, graphic styles, cover, covers chapters, etc..)
b. Apply the visual identity on powerpoint's masters slides
c. Design/layout 300 slides (including the design of tables, flowcharts, graphs, icons and animations).
Kickoff: February 3rd 2014
About Storyteller
Storyteller is a global presentations design studio that helps start-ups, innovative and fast growing companies to maximize their potential.
Storyteller believes in a better world:
.where more people have the best tools to start their own successful business and unleash their passion and potential.
.Where more people work at what they are unique in a collaborative way independently from where they are based.
.Where more companies succeed offering innovative services and products that increase quality of life.






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