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Real time vehicle proximity module on Opencv.

Published on the September 01, 2021 in IT & Programming

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We have front cameras installed and willing to develop a module to alert drivers from the risk of front collision onto a light or heavy weight vehicle. It is also desirable it detect other lighter obstacles such as bikes or pedestrians.
The module counts on images from the camera and speed measured by the GPS and should indicate
Imminent collision risk
b.    Risky distance
In all cases it is necessary it indicate a degree of uncertainty of the alert. The module should allow to customize sensitivity as well as safety distance.

Project overview

The new module will be executing other vision modules at the same time as a system, which detail is Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Architecture: X64 Processor: Celeron or Pentium G5400 Memory: 4G RAM Software specs Language: C/C++ OpenCv: 2.4.9 cmake: 3.1 Compiler: g++ 4.9

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