Research for building product to help learn English - 10 minute Skype call

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We are building a product designed to help technical professionals learn and improve their English. We are doing research by speaking with technical professionals for 10 minutes to learn about problems they have encountered while trying to learn English.

This job is simply having a 10 minute call with me on Skype and answering a few questions I have about how you have learned English and problems you have had. The call would be in English, so a basic level of conversational English is required. Afterwards, we would love to have you try the product for free (if you are interested), and you would be offered 50% off for life as a thank you.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web Development
What's the project's scope?: Small change or bug
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have specifications
Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
Roles needed: Designer, Developer, Project manager, Business analyst

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