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We are a group of friends and we are making an iphone app. It is a handbags aggregator.
So far, we have developed 5 scrappers for our MVP and it is working great. We are getting: (url, bran,currency,price,special_price,description,model,SKU,size, images)
Now, the goal is to conquer the world and develop hundreds of bots that are able to scrap all handbags in the world. We are aware of the amount of work this is, that's the main reason why we need help on this.
Therefore, we are looking for a long term partner who is willing to work with us on a per scrapper basis at the beginning and then on a fixed amount per month.
Most sites are very simple, we have developed templates using zennoposter. After its learning curve, we are now able to create 2/3 per day, but we need hundreds... And then to keep them updated is another major issue here.
Here you have some examples of sites to scrap:
She Inside
El Armario de la Tele
Bank Fashion
Miss Guided!/no_cache=true&p=1
Shop Bob
We are looking forward to find a smart guy who wants to take this challenge.
Thanks for your time.

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