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I have my form like this|Option A|Option B|Option C|Option D|Option F|Option E

When I get the email, as you indicated, let's say I choose  "|Option C" - Not matter what option I choose, it always shows me the "Option A" text, even though I selected the "Option C", and it should show me the "Option C" text.

Instead it just shows the "Option A" text.

The email works fine, goes to the or the but does not show me the correct text. It always shows the first item that has the same email, so I don't know what to do?

The support asks me to do this

What you're experiencing is actually normal as standard HTML dropdown options should be unique. In your case, most values are the same, thus you can't differentiate between its choices.

Under such circumstances, you can consider similar steps:

- no longer use the | pipeline approach and remove the email addresses as well.

- Add a hidden field.

- Use a script within "Scripts Called on Form Process" area (while editing a form > Properties > PHP Scripts) that checks the dropdown selections and adds the according email address within your hidden field value (basic scripting knowledge is required).

- Eventually you would use the hidden field placeholder instead to return the email address.

More on RSForm!Pro PHP Scripts areas here:

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