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Simple LWP app that just play a predefined (hard coded) video playback on Live Wall Paper ( LWP ) .
The app will be in terms of lightness and smoothness of playback much like this :
The app does not need to be written from scratch , can be coded based on existing video LWP open source if appropriate , as the deadline for implementation is 6 days .
What I need :
1. Main code (core) that makes the playback for video as lwp (need be lightweight to gpu/battery)
2. Very basic UI (2 or 3 screens)
3.Admobile in UI
What i do NOT need :
1.Icon ( I will do)
2.UI Look & Feel design ( I will do)
3.Post on Google Play ( I will do)
4.It is not necessary that the app has option to the selection of video playback as on the example link, the video will already present "hard coded" into the application.
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