Tablet and Mobile App for Ios and Android (via Adobe Air, Flash, Starling, Feathers)

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Hi, my name is Andre, manager @ Ehles.

We are looking for a strong senior developer to help us develop an app. The candidate must have strong knowledge and experience in all techs listed below, must have a test oriented development policy and will have to iterate constantly with 2 team members. The developer/candidate will be responsible for 40-45% of the entire app (only front-end), and can/will work remotly via Odesk and use our Trello/Slack to manage tasks and iterate. Eventually we can talk via Skype for instructions and quick meetings.

Social Network App
» Flash, Action Script 3, Starling & Feathers
» Tablet & Mobile App for iOS and Android (via Adobe Air)
» RESTful JSON API Integration

Main Navigation with 3 tabs/sections (swipe left-right to navigate, similar to snapchat)
a) Content Feed (similar to instagram)
b) Real Time Chat (private 1-1 chat and room/group chat, similar to mirc #channels)
c) Shop (product list with external link)

WHAT YOU WILL DEVELOP (the 40-45% as follow below)
1. Front-End Interface Development (test oriented) of:
- feed view (similar to instagram);
- post view (like, comment, save post);
- comment, on post view (similar to instagram)
- comment with sticker (similar to Fb Messenger)
- new image post (similar to snapchat);
- new video post (capture process, similar to snapchat);
- chat index (list of active chats/convesations);
- chat 1-1 view (conversation view, text and stickers);
- chat room view (conversation view, text and stickers. All rooms are defined on back-end);
- find chats (search people or rooms);
- shop, index view (list of products)
- shop, product view (image, text and external URL)

1.1. For all above items you will be responsible for: exceptional app performance, screen animations with smoth transitions (easing, etc), store partial data (cache, local), uploading and loading external contents via API, control memory usage to minimum;

2. JSON RESTful API complete integration for all features in list 1.Front-End (...);

3. Make/leave comments on the AS3 codes for future management and updates;

» Designs all ready
» Full App Axure Prototype
» Google Docs Documentation & Specs
» Team has other senior Flash Developer
» Team is already working
» Task Management via Trello
» Team Communication via Slack
» Bitcket Git Repo

» Overall Freelance Work time (estimative): 75 to 85 hours;
» Final deliver in 20-25 days;
» We need a high weekly time availability;
» Budged Proposed ~ USD $ 1,100.00 to USD 2,000.00
» Start as soon as possible;

Categoria: IT & Programação
Subcategoria: Mobile
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Tenho, atualmente: Eu tenho especificações
Experiência nesse tipo de projeto: Sim (Eu já gerenciei esse tipo de projeto)
Disponibilidade requerida: Período integral
Plataformas exigidas: iPhone, iPad, Android






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