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Published on the July 28, 2020 in Writing & Translation

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A tradução é de um ensaio chamado "Belloc and Chesterton:Their Partial Reflections on The Revolution in France".

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"This brief essay proposes to illuminate how Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton came to
understand the movement generally called “The French Revolution.”
In what follows I shall try to advance our understanding of their deeper understanding
of this truly premonitory Revolution in France. Even while indicating some of their blind spots
and partialities, I shall attempt to show why Belloc and Chesterton could reasonably consider
that the French Revolution was not intrinsically anti-Catholic. That is to say, they did not believe
that “the monster was in the doctrine,” per se.
Yet, said Belloc in his matured wisdom: “As is
always the case in great catastrophes, there was a 'time-lag' before the full effects were felt.”2
Moreover, lest one also be misled by “reading history backwards,” as well as not
grasping this “time-lag,” we must be more attentive to the subtle latencies and be more
disciplined and differentiated in our thinking. That is to say, in Belloc's own profound words:
Till we have appreciated that [twofold truth], we cannot understand
either the confusion or the intense passions of the time....Now the
most difficult thing in the world in connection with history, and the
rarest of achievement is the seeing of events as contemporaries saw
them, instead of seeing them through the distorting medium of our
later knowledge. We know what was going to happen;
contemporaries did not. The very words used to designate the
attitude taken at the beginning of the struggle change their
meanings before the struggle has come to an end."

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