Unity Vr (or similar) Interfase for Instagram api - Need Quote

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Looking to create a VR interfase for 520 words in an APP for Google Cardboard/Oculus or such, built in something like unity or a delevelopment platform that exports to both android and IOS.

The words should be placed in a 52 x 10 Grid that engulfs the user.
the 520 words are loaded in the app via an XML from server.

When the user moves his head, he should be able to see around him the grid with the words.

Each position on the grid that holds each word should call on the instagram api and call the first image that respond to the word qwery. Ie. Beach calls a beach img.

From the outside the image sphere should look lke this:
(you could never see the sphere from the outside, user will always be inside the sphere)

From the inside, and from users perspective, it should look something like

If the user holds his center view (cursor) in a word/image much like a Kinect cursor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H5BQlbrym0

Once the user has selected a spot on the grid, the sphere goes away an we are presented with a river of images, from the Instagram api that answer to the word selected. This river should be animated.

There should be 5 versions of this river (Hovers, flows , moves arround, pops in and out and wall)

A river in flow could look something likge this:

A river in wall, could be somethings like this:

When the user looks at of the images the timer appears and when it ends, the image URL in instagram gets send to a server on the background and the user sees a CHECK mark on top that image.

If the user looks up or down he sees a back button to get back to the sphere.

Thats it!!

This apps (android and ios) must be ready in October.

Art will be provided.

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Integraciones de API: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Plataformas requeridas: iPhone, Android

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