Upscaling of Simple Database for Financial Markets

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** The description of this project was changed in order to more closely adhere to Workana's policy **
This project comprises a database and front-end for management of financial investment portfolios. It should be written in a three-layer format (database, business and front-end).
- The database will be MySQL (but has to be easily translated to SQL Server)
- The business layer will be written in Java and be based on Hibernate.
- The front end will be on CSS/JavaScript based in ExtJS or jQuery.
The source code will be property of the hiring company (us). A system with exactly the same requirements but based on ms sql server with an access front-end was built by an amateur programmer within approximately 300 hours of work.
The system will consolidate data from one proprietary system and three web data sources. It will produce 10 reports and have 8 interactive screens/pages. The database will hold approximately 25 tables and 30 stored procedures and is expected to reach a maximum size of 30 Gb.
A specification process will be taken and will rely heavily on the current version of the system.



Horas requeridas: 30 horas por semana
Idioma: Portugués (Fluido), Inglés (Fluido)




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Publicado: Hace 5 años

Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses

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