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We need at least 2 virtual assistants from Venezuela.

Everybody can do the job. No special skills required, we are going to teach you what we need.

We are going to pay for proyect and per task.
The task are:

*Publish submission on directories (usd 1 per all submissions)
*Use facebook and give your opinion on products ( usd 0.20 per opinion)

The important thing in this job is to follow exactly the training we provide.

IMPORTANT: the initial job you will earn usd 5 ( 2 directories plus 15 opinions)
This is unqualified job, everybody that want to work can do it.

We are looking for somobody long term. So, if you exceed expectations we will work with you much more proyects. There is also available a position for MANAGER for the best candidate.

We need that you will be able:

*Have an advance level of English
*Live in Venezuela

Categoría: Soporte Administrativo
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite

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