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Why we use sbr walkie-Talkie without mobile phone

Published on the February 28, 2022 in Writing & Translation

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Definition: It can be determined walkie talkie is a two-way radio that, unlike a normal radio, delivers send and receive information. As the same channel is used for both functions, this means only one person can talk at a time. Short Business Radio (SBR) 245 -246 MHz frequencies used shared basis and PMR is meant Public Mobile Radio Service.
In this NFAP Guidelines PMR band Frequency 400-470 MHz for the walkie-talkie. It can be connected with Point to the multipoint communication system and Wide area coverage.

Working Procedure: Usually people used walkie-talkies by tuning the frequency, which is called a channel. It can transmit and receive information if it is within the range of the channel. Like mobile phones, walkie-talkies work in a ‘push-to-talk mode, where you have to press a button to talk, you have to release the button to listen to the other side.


It can be provided Direct Mode Operation in which terminals can communicate with one another directly when they are out of the coverage area of this network. PMR systems utilized to allow public or private access is this known as Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR)

Specification: Aircom 379L handheld SBR two-way walkie talkie radio has frequency range 245 – 246 MHz, RF output power- 1W, 1500 Mah li-ion battery, long standby time with vox function, dtmf, memory channel-16, working voltage-7.5 v, Silver Plated Reinforced Plate, Channel Spacing- 25KHz, Antenna Impedance-50ohm, Operating Mode-Simplex. Intermodulation Anti jamming-50 DB

Advantages of RF:
Walkie-talkie has gained an undeniable advantage in some cases such as mobiles often do not have a network and in a closed warehouse or in the garment industry to interconnect with each other often due to lack of mobile network can talk easily and very neatly.
The walkie-talkie takes the necessary steps to communicate.

In addition, many times there may be a battery problem in the mobile or many times the mobile is not charged due to electrical disturbances, but there is a simultaneous charging system through a walkie-talkie that can talk for a long time. It works much better when many volunteers have to report different types of compensation or natural disasters. Naturally, it has no side effects.

Disadvantages of rf: all devices can positive side or negative side, in this walkie-talkie rf creates small radiation which affected pregnant women, elderly humans, patients with pacemakers, different kinds of birds and small insects, etc.

In conclusion, the walkie-talkie system is more readily available than a mobile phone for setting up a network and communicating with each other periodically, and does not incur any charges, and does not require any extra money to recharge the mobile.
And 16 channels are used as a medium to communicate with each other which is to make the right decision to facilitate the work of an industry or a project and the transformation work is considered to be easy and easily available in a very short time.

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