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We are a site that offers activities and events in every city you travel to or you live in. We are currently in buenos aires, but are expanding to all bigger LatAm cities on 27.06 and also further globally after that. The URL of the blog is - and it needs to stay within our main design style and scheme (which our art director can intro and explain).
We are looking for somebody to redesign and develop on wp the new blog theme, which needs to fulfill the following things:
- be able to process multiple languages (right now esp and eng, but also more diff. Ones later) - we were thinking of just giving it 2 diff. URLs e.g. and
- Easily readable
- Draws readers from one article to the next, and not just more recent pieces but to all articles
- Easy to maintain via WordPress CMS. I want WP to do everything for us, from re-sizing images to automatically placing featured images in any scrollers or any other place they need to go
- Conversion to and to a future citibuddies blog newsletter (buttons)
- It would be AMAZING, i mean, AMAAAAAZING, if the blog design could support multiple blog post types that correspond to our current post types: Links we love, interviews, regular articles, and event lists
Habilidades requeridas: