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Hace 3 meses

Legal adviser

Hello, I am manager of advertising company
We have about 2 billion traffics around the world, and we provide a huge number of orders per day.
The general traffic sources of our network are our own websites and websites of our partners.
Top countries are US, AU, IT, FR, RU, IN, BR. We use different types of advertisement such as intext, fullscreen,
branding, video preroll, target pop and we have 5 million banners of sites around the world.
We corporate with the leading advertising companies. Hope to corporate with you.
Sincerely CrobADS.Com.

Categoría: Legal
Tiempo requerido: De 5 a 20 horas
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite
Habilidades requeridas:
Hace 11 meses

Rtb Media Buyer

What you will do…
• Develop our RTB Strategy
• Running campaigns for different verticals
• Giving insides to make needed modifications for maintaining a positive ROI
and increasing traffic volume
• Micromanaging successful and break even campaigns for reaching the
highest ROI
• Handling a broad range of DSPs and traffic networks simultaneously
• Closely working with the Department Leader, keeping the agreed KPIs
• Constant brainstorming regarding the improvement of the existing landers,
banners, tools etc.
• Occasionally travel to trade shows around the world, for improving knowledge
and maintaining business relationships
What you need for this position…
• Proven working experience in RTB interfaces (min. 1 year)
• Existing network in the mainstream traffic industry
• Understanding the technical aspects of media buying
• Connections to exchanges, direct publishers and advertisers
• Product development / business development skills
• English proficiency (both writing and speaking)
• Self-organized and interested to constantly monitoring the achieved results
• Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
• Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Voluum, Excel)
• Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels
• Experience with A/B and multivariate testing methods
• Determined, productivity-based attitude
• Ability to think and work in different schemes (multiple RTB solutions, variety
of offers with changing attributes)
What we can offer you…
• Competitive salary package
• Room for own ideas
• Flat hierachie
• Covering costs of professional training courses and certifications
• Working for one of the online industry leaders
If you are interested.
Please submit this form so we can consider your candidacy for this position.

Category: Sales & Marketing
Subcategory: SEM: Advertising on Google, Facebook, etc
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Full time
Habilidades requeridas: