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Statistical sampling for a project in West Africa

Budget: Open Published: 6 days ago Bids: 2
Complete sampling using the PPS method for a 15k database, two samples needed. Analysis can be done manually or using software.

Category: Finance & Management
Time required: From 5 to 20 hours
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Skills required:
Published by: Yasmin Germany

Criar website Personas

Budget: Open Published: Last month Deadline: 5 days Bids: 5
Criação de 5 personas para site sobre intercâmbio.

Persona 15 - 17
Female 18 - 24
Male 18 - 24
Female 25 - 34
Male 25 - 34

Database consiste em Analytics, Pagina no facebook e Youtube.

Category: Sales & Marketing
Subcategory: Business Plans and Market Strategy
What do you need?: Changes to existing plan
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Skills required:
Published by: Tiago L. Last reply: 28 days ago Ireland

Community Manager

Budget: Open Published: Last month Bids: 7

Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and potentially additional channels (Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, etc.).
Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to both spread our brand and our content and links.
Listen and engage in relevant social discussion about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing customers and leads and from brand new audiences that don’t yet know us.
Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success, ranging from Twitter chats, to Google+ Hangouts, as well as the content and links posted through these and other channels.
Work alongside other marketers and content producers to help distribute content that educates and entertains our audience.
Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from our social network presence.
Explore new ways to engage and new social networks to reach our target buyers.


English: Advanced.
Graphic Design.
Advanced knowledge of Facebook Business Manager
Google analytics
Adobe Suite


2 to 3 years of experience managing social media platforms or communities.
Undergraduate degree in communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, media studies and/or related fields.
Excellent written and spoken communication skills are essential.
Must have a cutting edge interest in social media and be abreast with the fast changing nature of social media.
Be confortable on taking risks.
All around a nice person.

Categoría: Marketing y Ventas
Subcategoría: Community Management
Tiempo requerido: Más de 20 horas
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Posición de largo plazo
Disponibilidad requerida: Tiempo completo
Published by: Beatri. Peru

Human Resources

Budget: Open Published: 4 months ago Project duration: 3 - 4 months Bids: 24
The Company:

Labora is an on-demand platform that allows businesses to find workers ASAP and matches them with the best candidates for their needs.

This is done through an online/offline model, relying on data analytics, technological automation, and standardized processes. By collecting company and candidate data, the company is creating a proprietary matching algorithm and a highly rigorous in-house matching process that will innovate the way that businesses fill jobs quickly and accurately. We want restaurants, retailers, hotels, call centers, and event planners to be able to hire good workers that match their needs and preferences "on demand."

The value for businesses is that they can focus more time on running their business and not be worried about their high turnover of employees. This will allow them to not only hire better but also have a fall back plan if someone quits or doesn't show up to work. It also allows business owners to run more lean operations as they can hire based on their needs.

The Job:

Currently, we are seeking a person who has experience in hiring and ideally that they have experience working in the restaurant industry working as a restaurant manager, hiring manager, or some years of experience as a waiter/waitress, or other positions within the restaurant industry.

The role will be to ensure the quality of the candidates that our system matches to each job offer. This means that this person is responsible for ensuring that the best candidates get sent to the restaurant.

Work includes but is not limited to:

- Daily checking the job offers that come in, and the candidates that were matched to the offer.

- Ensuring that the final candidates that the system selects for each offer are of high quality. This is done through a short process of interview over the phone. This person will be responisble for reviewing the credentials of each candidate, and engaging in a short 5 minute phone call with them to ask questions before sending these candidates to the restaurant.

- Ensuring as best as possible that candidates show up to their interviews

- Gathering feedback from restaurants regarding their experiences with the candidates and asking them if they hired anybody.

- This person will also help us strategize to develop better hiring mechanisms/practices, and will share the knowledge learned throughout this process to help improve the technology that we develop

- This person will be financially rewarded for ensuring more matches between candidates and restaurants. The more people that get hired, the better this person's salary will be through bonuses.

Category: Admin Support
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Full time
Published by: Labora. Last reply: 3 months ago Chile

Social Media & Marketing (Usa market)

Budget: Open Published: Last year Project duration: 1 - 2 months Bids: 3
We are looking for an english native with experience in social media marketing, the person will have to be experienced in USA market to develop and manage the social media strategies for a new webpage, the objetive is:
1. Creating and managing social media profiles, web pages, online reputation management, curating digital marketing content, and developing digital marketing strategies.
2. Manage Google Analytics 2014 - Certification Google AdWords 2014 (desirable)
3. Knowledgeable in Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver
4. Strategic thinking about Brand management online
Published by: Karem T. Mexico

Developer con experiencia en Javascript/Html5/Css3 y Angular.js

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 30 days Bids: 13
We're a Mexican company looking. We provide a web application to create online surveys backed by advanced analytics. We're looking for a developer with strong experience in web/mobile applications.
We offer the possibility to have a full-time job positioning in our growth-fast company.
We're re-designing our website and our web application continuously. We need a full-time developer for a 2 month project.
Strong experience in;
- Javascript, Angular.js
- PSD to HTML5
- Responsive design
1. We'll provide a PSD file to convert it to HTML5
2. We'll provide specific Javascript, task and actions to develop into the website.
3. We'll provide all the required materials such as logo, fonts, colors, images and more.
You must be able to work in a time framework, with very strong deadlines.\
For a reference, visit and sign up to see the platform.
Published by: Ramon E. Last reply: 2 years ago United States
Payment method: Verified

Image Sharing Site

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 1 day Bids: 7
I have an application that allows users to take photos in several locations. At the time of the picture, the user receives a code that allows him to see the picture in a web site. A server must receive the photo (it will only know who is the user is after the client enters the code in the web site) and other information about the location of the photo.
Both the photo and the information must be absolutely secure, only accessible to each client (photo) and information (location manager). Clients should be able to share photos through social networks (facebook, instagram) and also through a simple social network within the site. Location managers should receive analytics of the photos taken in their location specifically and also general analytics of all photos and also should be able to contact the clients that took pictures on their location.
The site should have a lot of content so it should be prepared for that. I also need a mobile version fully responsible.
I need an experienced php developer. I already have a hosting service so the site developed should be compatible.
Published by: Thiago S. Brasil

Ongoing on page and off page Seo for wordpress site

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Project duration: 3 - 4 months Bids: 4
We run few wordpress sites that are in need of regular checks and SEO maintenance. You would need to understand current SEO trends, Google changes, directory submissions and maintenance etc, be proficient in english writing as well as being able to hold skype calls.
Our ideal candidate will have proven track record in online SEO, google analytics, Google AdWords and marketing.
Published by: Taimur Last reply: 2 years ago United Kingdom
Payment method: Verified