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Develop Mobile App

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 30 days Bids: 4
Develop Mobile APP available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone and Blackberry
This is a reference of what the App need to:
We need exactly the same features. The only change is the company name and the Database.
The App database will be embed in the app to work off line.
Published by: Julio G. T. Last reply: 2 years ago Argentina

Blackberry(Qnx) App for signing with a certificate pdf files

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Deadline: 30 days Bids: 2
App for BlackBerry (for QNX) that does the follow:
"Sign Electronically PDF documents using the Blackberry device"
- Development of a system that sign a PDF file.
To sign the PDF file you must use a certificate.
Certificates can be in .P
FX or .P12 format.
- Won't be necessary to develop any kind of access to any web service, all files
(original pdf, signed pdf and certificates) must reside in the file system
of the blackberry phone. Path must be hardcoded.
- The GUI must be simple, there should be a button that performs
the functionality of signed
Skills required:
Published by: Ariel D. Last reply: 3 years ago United States