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We are a startup technology company looking for someone who is awesome, just loves people, and likes solving problems. Fluency in spoken English and 3-4 years experience in the call center industry working with US businesses (not consumers, but businesses) is mandatory.
Experience with medical records software and background in physical therapy / occupational therapy is a bonus. Only go-getters with high energy please.
You'll handle phone and email support and conduct software demos after you become familiar with our software system, which will take 8-10 business days. You will be given detailed training (and will receive compensation for the training period), and you are expected to be a quick learner.
You'll need to put in 40 hours a week, working from the comfort of your own home. Must have a very reliable internet connection and a computer in good condition. Must be a quick learner and very familiar with skype, gmail and web-based software.
It is preferable that the candidate work from 9 am to 5 pm EST, but we are willing to be flexible with the right candidate.
You'll be provided with a dedicated company skype ID to make and receive phone calls. You've got to be able to multi-task - you may have the phone ringing, emails coming in and team members pinging you on skype all at the same time. Things get busy around here..
Is that you? Then keep reading! If not, that's cool too, nice meeting you :-)
Who are we?
We are basically the coolest, most fun place on the planet when it comes to helping private practice owners run and grow their practice. We offer systems and tools to help them become more successful.
How cool is that? We do what we love and help private practice owners in the process. We like what we do and we are good at it.
We believe in what we do. And we want individuals who have the same zest and enthusiasm that we do. If you like people, and want to help busy private practice owners use our systems, software and tools, then this is the place for you.
We basically don't want our team being all stiff lipped and formal with our clients because that's not who we are and that's not what we stand for. Our mantra is simple - Have fun with what you do and make people smile.
Enough about us, what about you?
If you are a team player and like working with people, and like to solve problems and have a genuine love for seeing people happy without having to be brain washed to do it, then you are what we're looking for.
If you are a recent graduate or get satisfaction in knowing that you have helped someone have a better day by being patient, professional, and delivering KNOCKOUT experience as a customer support person, then you are welcome to come on board!
You've got to be the person that says
"Hey what can I do to help you?"
as opposed to
"Oh... Ok I will do this because you asked me to"
Please keep reading if you are the type of person that fits our needs. If not then sorry :(
Since we're on a roll, we'll keep going.
You're super nice and people almost find you too caring. (Too much of anything is not good, but we'd rather that you are too caring than the opposite. We know that sounds a little silly but that's how we roll).
You are someone who thinks about the client first and not what is convenient for you. You have no problem being the 'calm one' when things around you are going sideways, because you are the one we can all rely on.
Ideally, we'd like you to have at least two years' worth of experience as a customer support representative in any field, its even better if you have worked in the front desk area of a clinic like a physical therapy practice.
If that's not the case that's cool too, but ideally a person with some background is what we are looking for.
So why us?
You'll work with a great staff every day. Every single member of our team is like family. It won't even feel like work to you anymore! You are never alone in this company because we actually are one big happy family.
Anytime you have a question there is someone who is available to help you. You won't feel like the new kid on the block, because we love working together and helping each other.
We are invested in you. Depending on the hours you put in, your credentials and what you bring to the table, we will offer you the opportunity for increases over time.
We put people before profits; which is why you'll love working with us, not for us.
So are you interested? Cool. Come join us. Respond to this job posting with the subject line "I am that motivated rep".
In the body of the e-mail, tell us about the last time you made someone smile to get the conversation going with us. Here's a tip to help you get this job - Any generic message from you will tell us that you haven't paid attention to this job posting, and will most likely be overlooked by us.
If we like your response to this job posting, we will request a skype interview. Looking to hire immediately and salary will be fair, and can be discussed after the skype call.
Reminder - You'll be doing phone and email customer support for our software product, after a one week period of learning the system. You will need a high speed, reliable internet connection, reliable power supply and proficiency in English as you deal with, and help clients based in the US.
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Plataforma web para Multinivel, con clientes locales, interaccion en tiempo real, sistema de compensación, Multinivel con 3 niveles de profundidad.
Habilidades requeridas:
We are two young American entrepreneurs who own a US-based digital marketing agency and are in the process of establishing a new office in Brazil. Our client focus is internet startups in Brazil, primarily exciting ecommerce companies that have significant capital to invest for extreme growth.
This is a potentially very exciting opportunity if you are...
1. A fluent Portuguese speaker/writer (preferably Brazilian Portuguese)
2. You are a knowledgeable SEO professional
New business is being referred to us at a rapid clip, and we'll soon be overwhelmed with the workload (not that we're complaining)! We're looking for a seasoned SEO professional who...
can communicate fluently in English and Portuguese
keeps him or herself current on the latest SEO news and developments
is capable of running high quality SEO audits - both onsite and offsite
is capable of crafting detailed, high-level SEO strategies specific to each client
is comfortable directing content writers and other resources to implement your recommended strategies
is a humble, honest, and like-able
This job is ideal for someone who prefers part-time work initially and/or interested in relocating to Brazil (Note: you do *not* need to relocate to Brazil for this position). Compensation is negotiable. We would like to get started with interested, qualified candidates on a project basis to evaluate our chemistry (more details of the first project to be sent to qualified candidates). It's our expectation that this can evolve into a full-time position in 3-6 months, if desirable for the right candidate. Please send us a note explaining why this opportunity is right for you. Any resumes without an accompanying note will not be considered.