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Admin Support/Virtual Assistant

Budget: Open Published: 21 hours ago Bids: 10

Maintains data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures.

Verifying entered customer and account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data; combining data from both systems when account information is incomplete; purging files to eliminate duplication of data.

Tests customer and account system changes and upgrades by inputting new data; reviewing output.

Securing information by completing data base backups.

Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.

Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.

Category: Admin Support
Time required: Up to 5 hours
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Published by: James P. United States

Vc pode extrair dados de documentos financeiros de empresas publicas americanas?

Budget: Open Published: Last year Project duration: 1 - 4 weeks Bids: 17
We need someone to look through press releases and supplemental reports of public companies, copy selected figures and paste it on an Excel file. The job requires a detail oriented person because the information we look for can appear in small variations and an extra word can make a big difference. This is a small job that can be extended into a larger scope in the coming weeks.

Here’s what we require:
Microsoft Excel skills
Person with following traits: Detail-oriented, Analytical
Preferably someone that is used to metrics of public companies

Here are the procedures:
1. ONLY complete the green cells on tab ‘Q2 2015.’
2. Open press release and/or supplement file on ‘files’ tab for corresponding company. Open press release first; if you don’t find the information, search for it in the supplement file.
3. Most information is second quarter 2015 versus 2014. They usually show up as “three months ended on June 30.”
4. For item ‘FFO per share, $ (Guidance),’ use range midpoint.
5. If you don’t find the information, leave it blank

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
What activity have you done in the past that mostly resembles this job?
What part of this project most appeals to you?
What questions do you have about the project?

Categoria: Suporte Administrativo
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Eu não sei ainda
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Published by: Heli B. United States

Assistant in Mexico City

Budget: Open Published: Last year Deadline: 5 days Bids: 12
I am looking for female assistant / secretary between 18 and 28 in Mexico City to help with some online and offline tasks.

Weekly Payments as long as the job is done.

Category: Finance & Management
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
Required availability: As needed
Published by: Yalla M. Last reply: 6 months ago Mexico

Web Research and Data Entry

Budget: Open Published: Last year Deadline: 10 days Bids: 59
Do you have some free time and good internet connection? Than we may have an offer for you.
No special knowledge is required!
We will provide you a list of subjects. Simply collect content related to these subjects and post it on Favsync.
The pay is $10 per page. We will pay per a completed page. If you can do more than 3 per day, you can get a bonus.
Here is an example of a page that you will have to do:
Please check the website before you apply, so you will at least know the basics of how it works.
Skills required:
Published by: Dante B. Belgium

Virtual Customer Service Representative / Assistant

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Project duration: 1 - 4 weeks Bids: 30
Virtual Customer Service Representative
general summary:
a sharp and energetic worker to join our team. Candidates should be interested in technology, know how to review and assess documents, and have a general understanding as many areas of commerce and industry as possible. Success in this position will require detailed research skills, good writing and editing skills, as well as excellent critical analysis and problem solving.
The ability to identify key issues, break them down into manageable steps, and assemble those steps into a clear and achievable process will be a significant part of this role.
The role requires excellent communication and personal time management skills. The ability to work through instructions with little or no supervision is sought, as are the abilities to commit to and deliver against timelines, and adapt to changes in requirements quickly and efficiently.
We perform a range of duties for the firm including, data entry, typing, research, customer assist, sales and sales contacts.
core functions:
-typing skills minimum 35 wpm, strong writing and editing skills, ms office expert
-analysis and reporting of study and research to the standards set out.
-Legible and well-presented reporting of research
-Responsibility for ensuring that research is conducted to an agreed standard and in the specified protocol.
-Ensure to deliver customer service online with excellence
-Ability to manage time effectively and capable at multi-tasking
-Must be determined to achieve the task target efficiently.
-Web and internet familiar and skilled.
-Capable of producing work effectively alone or teamed with others
-Aptitude at the relevant work
-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
-Thorough, precise, punctual, honest, committed.
-Microsoft Office - Word, Excel & Outlook (experience in Google products, such as Docs and Sites, is a plus)
-Web and internet familiar and skilled.
-Capable of producing work effectively alone or teamed with others
-Ability to work well with a diverse group of people
-Willingness to work as directed, with or without supervision
-Aptitude for the work role.
-Must possess subject matter expertise or content knowledge relevant to the work.
-Aptitude and knowledge of data analysis and data management techniques.
-Aptitude in leading research and preparing reports.
-Aptitude in process analysis, evaluation, and experimental research design activities
-Strong quantitative and qualitative skill
-Ability to think strategically about issues and programs
-Excellent ability to communicate
-Strong writing and editing skills
-MS office capable
-Ability to communicate well in any/ some of English/Spanish/Russian
-Typing speed is at least minimum of 35WPM
-Ability to work under pressure.
Please apply with full CV. All applicants considered.
No exclusions to acceptability, all applicants welcome.
Some training possible for selected applicants.
Thank you
Published by: Tas W. Australia


Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Deadline: 3 days Bids: 19
The project consists of collecting and sending the logos and website addresses of the following sites and putting the logos in a folder and the website addresses, plus a brief description (in English) of the site in an Excel spreadsheet.
What I need is the information related to the sites mentioned by Steve Blank's blog ( in the following categories:
- Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents (11 sites)
- Website A/B and Landing Page Testing (9 sites)
- Product Launch Tools/Landing Pages (12 sites)
- Create Websites Automagically (11 sites)
- Outsourcing/Freelance Help (7 sites)
Skills required:
Published by: Ignacio P. Argentina
Payment method: Verified

Coder/Designer needed for Twitter Bootstrap themes

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Deadline: 1 day Bids: 12
Looking for a coder to do a quick project or two.
Need to know or be able to quickly learn:
- Twitter Bootstrap
- ProcessWire CMS
- Knows a basic level of English (these projects are in English).
- Data entry (content)
Need to be:
- Extremely reliable, can get the work on time.
- Can manage up to 10 projects or more a month
- Can be in contact daily.
Published by: Clinton D. S. Last reply: 3 years ago Mexico