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3 Ebooks in English

Budget: Open Published: 4 months ago Bids: 11
I need 3 ebooks of aprox. 50 pages each.

The main topic of the ebooks is vegan cooking (recipes, diet plans, etc) and each book will address a certain subtopic.

The writing needs to be completely original, each ebook will be revised with Copyscape in order to detect any plagiary intent.

You'll have to use cooking vocabulary in the correct and common way. Writing should be clear.

Accepting this project you agree to all the author's rights being ours and you will not be able to publish or reproduce the ebooks in any way.

Categoría: Traducción y Contenidos
Subcategoría: Contenidos
Es un proyecto o una posición?: No lo se aún
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite
Published by: Sebastian P. Last reply: 3 months ago Uruguay

English for Interviews ebook

Budget: Open Published: 6 months ago Bids: 7
This ebook material is to be designed for ESL students. It should contain 15 to 17 pages.
And it is supposed have the following chapters and sections. Every chapter should contain a vocabulary presentation, grammar points and exercises.

- Each grammar section will be called GRAMMARZZ
- Each Vocabulary box - SPEAKZZ BOX

The books attached are just reference materials.

Chapter 1. Getting Ready
Getting ready for an interview requires.....
*Vocabulary (e.g. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word/expression from the Box.
- strengths - your abilities
- weaknesses you have trouble with
* Choosing the right sentence for your situation:
Grammar Point:
Wh questions
Modal Verbs +
Chapter 2. Starting the interviews
Vocabulary (Fill in the blanks)
Speakzz Box
How to introduce yourself
Chapter 4. The Interview
Phrasal Verbs
Interviewers question
30 questions
Your answers
Speakzz Box
Search and Share
Grammar Point: Phrasal Verbs

Chapter 4 Talking about your accomplishments
5. Stress Questions
6. Questions for the Interviewer
7. Negotiation
8. Closing the Interview

Categoria: Tradução e conteúdos
Subcategoria: Conteúdos
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Published by: Aline A. Last reply: 6 months ago Brasil

Sales Kit on Ebook design

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 10 days Bids: 9
We are looking for someone to design our sales presentation using a very dinamic and attractive, easy to use and easy to update with new projects on an eBook' format.
We need a menu that alouds the sales manager to show examples of what we have performed and achieve in the past, by showing videos, jpg, pdf and animated renderings.
The sales manager has to be able to share a sales presentation by clicking on the menu to email a PDF presentaction for the client.
The ebook will be displayed on an iPad and shoul be able to work either online or offline.
Published by: IVETTE L. Mexico