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I need a consulting about venezuelan financial markets and its currently political situation ( and their afects to the the financial markets)

all the companies listed in the caracas stocks markets with all financial, quantitative and qualitative information, poltical risk and how to get acess to the market itself.

. Company financials;

all avalaible financial information about the comapanies

. Companies quantitative informations

PE Ratio ttm, PE Ratio for next fiscal year, PE Ratio for the next fiscal year after the coming fiscal year, EPS for actual fiscal year, Expected EPS for former financial year, Expected for fiscal year after the next fiscal year, PEG Ratio actual, PEG Ratio next fiscal year, PEG Ratio year next fiscal year, EPS Growth Next fiscal year, EPS Growth year after next fiscal year

. Basic Informations

Price, Company`s name, ticker, market cap, volume, outstanding shares, sector, industry, sub sector/ segment

. Qualitative information

whay the company do, what their business is about, how high are their exposure to venezuela, risk of state interventation/nationalization, what their outlook for the future is, how hard have they ben afted by the bolivarian regime, all their shareholder letter, their annual reports and their transcript calls ( even better if the reports and calls are all in english)

. Political outlook

The actual political risk of state interventation and the outlook for the next coming elections in 2018

. Possibility of openning and sending money to venezuela

Wich brokers, how reliable they are, fees and charges ( broker and all eventual gorvernment fees and charges) and most important TAXATION

Price and deadlines can be discussed !!

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