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Diseño y coding (Html y Css) sitio web empresa

Budget: Open Published: 5 months ago Bids: 17
After 1 year of developing our product we are ready to conquer customers hearts.
We need to design and build our web site ( Please, join this project if you feel confident with this tasks.
1) Creating a great wireframe.
2) Building an awesome design to show Octopull features to entire world. If you are a good illustrator, feel free to improve our little animal (octopus).
3) Converting the design to HTML & CSS.
4) Coordinate with other Octopull team members to set up the website in production environment.

Después de 1 año de desarrollar nuestro producto, estamos listos para conquistar los corazones de nuestros clientes.
Necesitamos diseñar e implementar nuestro sitio web ( Por favor, únete a este proyecto si te sientes capaz de completar las siguientes tareas:
1) Crear una buena maqueta.
2) Construir un diseño increíble que muestre las funcionalidades de Octopull al mundo. Si eres ilustrador, siéntete libre de mejorar a nuestra mascota (Octopus).
3) Convertir el diseño en HTML y CSS.
4) Coordinarte con otros miembros del equipo de Octopull para colocar el sitio en producción.

Categoría: Diseño y Multimedia
Subcategoría: Web Design
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite
Published by: Rodrigo M. Last reply: 4 months ago Chile
Payment method: Verified

Web Site Design

Budget: Open Published: 6 months ago Bids: 9

Project # 1 - Web & Market Place Development

We need to develop a marketplace for specific market and industry ecosystem

Graphic Design
Use case Design - Interactive (UI) and User Experience Design (UX)
Programing and Development in Odoo platform - /
Prject # 2 - Estructura Contable y Gestion Share Service Center

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: Web Design
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: Part time
Published by: Bernardo W. Chile

Euroasia Latam

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 48 days Bids: 17
Need simple logo for importation company - importing chemicals from around the world to LATAM (to use in food, animal feed and pharmaceuticals)
Logo to appear on website, emails, etc.
Possible design - picture of globe with Latam highlighted - very simple!! :)
More details about this project:
* Type of logo you are looking for: Iconic logo - A brand with a logo related to its name
Skills required:
Published by: Allister M. Chile

Web Designer Needed, Spanish/English Bilingual - Start With Why

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Project duration: 3 - 4 months Bids: 14
Start with why . We are looking for an experienced Web developer that can graphically convey our mission of what we are trying to do.
We are a green technology and services company servicing the transport industry in Latin America, and need to redesign our website immediately. We are in need of a creative, hands-on assertive web developer that we can pay per-hour and commit to a long term project. Experience and past samples of work needed.
We are looking for a developer/designer who believes in our mission and actively works with us to promote our goals. This is not a short term, per hour job so much as it is a concerted effort to develop a website that can capture our 'WHY' in its entirety.
Spanish and English Proficiency HIGHLY preferred!
Published by: Stephen A. Last reply: 3 years ago Chile

Ilustraciones para blog financiero

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Deadline: 7 days Bids: 27
I need 20 ilustrations (and some infographics if you want) for my next 20 blog posts. I'll provide the posts titles (chapter names needs no ilustrations, are just for context)
Chapter 1: Stock Investing Essentials
1)What is a Stock
2)Key Concepts (Risk, Volatility, etc...)
3)Different Aproaches (Technical V/S Fundamental Analysis, Stocks/FOREX/Mutual Funds, etc.)
4)Long/Short Investments
Chaper 2: What to do's before you start buying
1)Gather Information (what where and how)
2)Choosing a broker
3)Investing for long-term growth
4)Investing for Income
Chapter 3: How to's on picking the winners
1)How to use basic accounting to pick a stock
2)How to identify emerging sectors and industry opportunities
3)How to catch Megatrends
4)How to pick stocks getting "The big economic and political picture"
Chapter 4: Best Investments Strategies
1)What's the difference between Investing, Trading and Speculating
2)10 tips when your stock portfolio is down
3)10 tips when your stock portfolio is up
4)10 great Strategies actually works with stocks
Bonus: Resources for Stock Investor:
1)How to use Bloomberg News and What can you get from it
2)How to use Yahoo Finance and What can you get from it
3)How to use Investopedia and What can you get from it
4)How to use Qompazz and What can you get from it
Published by: igal r. Last reply: 3 years ago Chile