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Insurance crm

Budget: Open Published: 2 months ago Bids: 8
Design, program a CRM insurance platform to use in the Panamanian Insurance market. We also want to have an iOS app to use in iPhone and iPad.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web Design
What's the project's scope?: Create a new custom design
Specific need: Other
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have specifications
Experience in this type of project: No (I haven't managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
API Integrations: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc), Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Others (Other APIs)
Skills required:
Published by: Ricardo F. Last reply: 28 days ago United States

Aplicacion para mobile - Geolocalizacion de escorts

Budget: Open Published: 5 months ago Bids: 4
A geo-location based phone app that works in the same manner as Tinder. I am aware that such an app may not get approved for Apple's App Store or on Android. So I'm seeking Developers who also have idea on how to make this app available/how to go to market. I'm open to suggestions (web app, downloadable app from alternate app stores, etc). What are your ideas?

Anyways, back to the brief/description. I am seeking deleopment of a phone app that will be similar to, Ohlala, Peppr. I suggest you check these out extensively before contacting me.

The look and feel and functionality must be clean, crisp, like Tinder.

An Escorts web app that can be used from iPhone, iPad, Android or any smartphone. Allows you to enable your location, which then uses a geo-location service (this is a MUST feature) to identify escorts within a certain distance from you (whatever distances you choose). You can swipe left to move through profiles. If you swipe right the profile opens up for you to view details and scroll through photos and profile, contact information, etc. Just like Tinder.

Must have robust, reliable and accurate map. Perhaps use Google maps as the back end or something similar?

• Privacy – always shows approximate location by a number of metres/kilometers.
• Control visibility – make yourself visible based on time (you can choose minutes, hours, days)
• As the Punter, under Settings/Preferences you can set what you are looking for, like on Tinder. Eg:
1. Discovery preferences
a. Distance (0km – 100km)
b. Age (18-100)
c. Gender (Female, Male, Trans)

2. App Settings
a. Do you want to be notified when an escort that meets your criteria is within certain distances of you?
b. What kind of notifications?
i. Sound
ii. Vibrate
iii. Display on screen
c. Privacy Policy
d. Terms and Conditions
3. Contact Us
a. Report Abuse
b. Suggestions
c. Register as a Punter
d. Register as an Escort
4. Share the app
a. Via SMS
b. Via Email
c. Via Twitter
d. Via Facebook
e. Via Instagram

Escort sign up/registration
1. Create a profile much like you would on (Name, Age, Weight, Nationality, Rates & Charges, Hours & Availability, Upload photos (up to 10 photos allowed), Add phone number (allow both call and SMS options)

* Question, if the escorts already advertise on a website such as or can they simply connect using that information? For example, when you sign up to Tinder you login using existing Facebook credentials and profile information.
Punter sign up
1. Enter name and number.
a. Selling point – no more private numbers contacting you.
2. When Punter swipes right they can view the escort’s profile
3. They can then make contact via messaging on app, sms, or calling.
a. The app messaging – escorts can have notifications either turned on or off at their end.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Mobile
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have an idea
Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
Required platforms: Android
Published by: Christian E. Last reply: 5 months ago United States

Sales Kit on Ebook design

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Deadline: 10 days Bids: 9
We are looking for someone to design our sales presentation using a very dinamic and attractive, easy to use and easy to update with new projects on an eBook' format.
We need a menu that alouds the sales manager to show examples of what we have performed and achieve in the past, by showing videos, jpg, pdf and animated renderings.
The sales manager has to be able to share a sales presentation by clicking on the menu to email a PDF presentaction for the client.
The ebook will be displayed on an iPad and shoul be able to work either online or offline.
Published by: IVETTE L. Mexico

Checkers Game for Iphone and Android - the game must be already done!

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Bids: 2
I want to buy a Checkers Game source code for iPhone and Android.
It must be already done and also available at App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) for download.
Skills required:
Published by: Guilherme F. Brasil