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Hace 7 meses

Pta website

Realizar ajustes em site em operação, implementar novas ferramentas, e integrações. O job pode ser estendido.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web Design
What's the project's scope?: Medium sized change
Specific need: Update a website
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have specifications
Experience in this type of project: No (I haven't managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
API Integrations: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc)
Habilidades requeridas:
I want a website where the user can select photos from Instagram or from the computer and order products using this photos.

The website will be just like this one:

Basically what I need is this system working using Joomla. I need the shopping online, the Instagram authorization so the user can select the pictures on the website and the checkout system.

Just do the step to order using the website above to know what we want.

We dont need only the design of the system. The layout of the website we will do here with our designer.

Must be joomla 3.X above.

After the system is ready we need to change the language of the system to portuguese, once this website will be use in Brazil. Once is ready we provide the translation and the developer only need to change the text.

The other static pages of the website such as, about the company, etc will be made here after is done. WHAT WE NEED IS THIS SYSTEM WORKING. (ORDER PHOTOS FROM THE USER INSTAGRAM OR FROM THE COMPUTER JUST LIKE THIS WEBSITE

In the shopping online we will need to be able to create and give discount coupons)

Social login using Facebook

We preferably want a shopping online system using Virtuemart os Mijoshop but we are able to hear other options once the update of the products and prices is easy for us after the job is done.

Categoria: IT & Programação
Subcategoria: Desenvolvimento web
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Tenho, atualmente: Eu tenho especificações
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Funções necessárias: Desenvolvedor
Integrações de API: Mídias sociais (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
inportuguese, or it will have to be translated into portuguese...

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web Development
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
I currently have: I have an idea
Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: Part time
Roles needed: Designer, Developer, Project manager
API Integrations: Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Others (Other APIs)
Hace 3 años

Ajuste de Seo

Estou com problema de SEO que nao consigo resolver.
A mensagem que venho recebendo do google webmasters é : Increase in server errors
Google detected a significant increase in the number of URLs we could not access. It is likely that your server had an internal error or was busy when attempting to process these requests.
Recommended action
Check the Crawl Errors page in Webmaster Tools.
Check your scripts and script permissions.
Examine the log files on the server for your site for scripts or pages that might be crashing.
Consider addressing the load on your server.
Uso o joomla e creio que esse erro apareceu após a desinstalacao de um aplicativo.
Ja tentei ajustar o sitemap, o robot.txt e nada.
Estou disposto a contratar um profissional experiente da area para resolver esse problema.