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Budget: Open Published: 28 days ago Bids: 11
I am looking for Brazilian (or Portuguese speaking) bloggers to work with. Please send me the URL of your website/blog if you have one so I could figure out if we can find a way to work together. We are really interested in tech, music, web oriented content. Budget is not strictly fixed

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Content Writing
How many words?: Up to 2,000 words
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
Required availability: As needed
Published by: Sergei Last reply: 27 days ago Russian Federation

Copy of 2nd Milestone - En = > Pt - David Lochait

Budget: Open Published: Last month Deadline: 15 days Bids: 20
Hi Keyla, as discussed with you, please find here the new project. The budget is $140
Thanks a lot. Cheers,

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Translation
How many words?: More than 10,000 words
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
Required availability: Part time
Published by: David L. United Kingdom
Payment method: Verified

Looking for Editor from Brazil (with good knowlage of English)

Budget: Open Published: 5 months ago Bids: 42
We are looking for the Editor for the entertainment website Remote work.Salary is 400-600 USD (American dollars) depends on results of the test task.Duties:
-Rewriting posts and posting them on the site;
-Creation of posts based on YouTube videos including writing of text descriptions;
-Searching viral content using our monitoring systems.
We'll teach you how to do this!If you want to be a part of our international IT teamsend your CV!

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Translation
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Published by: Maria K. Last reply: 4 months ago Ukraine

English to Brazilian Portuguese translation

Budget: Open Published: 6 months ago Bids: 24
Hi, I need to hire a professional English - Brazilian Portuguese translator to work in the translation of a test case study video for an international cyber security firm. The video is 7 minutes long and uses specialised language.

We need those who are interested provide proof of their skills and examples of previous works related to this matter.

Please send quote along with samples via Workana's message board.


Categoría: Traducción y Contenidos
Subcategoría: Traducción
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite
Published by: Danilo O. Last reply: 6 months ago Mexico
Payment method: Verified

Tradução livros e roteiros - de português para inglês (Us)

Budget: Open Published: Last year Bids: 44
I need to translate a technical book, with about 44,000 words. And also a script, with 11,500 words. These translation are from Portuguese to English (US). We'd like to know the budget per word and also how long will take to do this job. Thanks.

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Translation
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Published by: Fernanda V. Last reply: 11 months ago Brasil

Looking for a native Brazilian to translate english sales letter to portuguese

Budget: Open Published: Last year Project duration: 1 - 4 weeks Bids: 80

I'm looking for a native brazilian with fluent english to translate a 40 page long video sales letter into portuguese.

Text should be written in a simple way that even a 4th grader is able to fully understand.

Also, some parts need to be adapted to brazilian culture.

If are interested in this job, I will send you small sample text so you can translate and prove your skills.


Categoria: Tradução e conteúdos
Subcategoria: Tradução
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Published by: Artur R. Last reply: Last year Brasil
Payment method: Verified

Translation English - Portuguese 'Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability' 13.000 words

Budget: Open Published: Last year Bids: 83
Translation of Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability standard.
From English to Portuguese, about 13000 words. One project, in the future possibility for more translations.

When responding please include the time necessary to translate.
Thank you!

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Translation
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed
Published by: Sabrina v. H. Brasil

Social Media + Content for travel startup

Budget: Open Published: 2 years ago Project duration: 3 - 4 months Bids: 8
I have just launched my travel startup (SABIAR) and I'm looking for someone who can help me manage SABIAR's social networks, blog and newsletter.
The website is bilingual - Portuguese and English - so I need someone who can speak both languages.
Job Description:
- 1 post per week, in portuguese and English (same content, only translation). I would need you not only to write the content, but also post it on wordpress (with pictures and following SEO rules).
- Social Media: 2 posts per weekday on facebook, 2 on twitter and 2 on instagram (they could all be in both languages, on same post/tweet)
- Newsletter - once a week - both languages, content + formatting (mailchimp)
I would need some writing samples from applicants.
Published by: Adriana L. Brasil

from twitter 01

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Deadline: 22 days Bids: 0
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Skills required:
Published by: Pepe l. Argentina

Portuguese/English Speaking SEO Professional

Budget: Open Published: 3 years ago Bids: 29
We are two young American entrepreneurs who own a US-based digital marketing agency and are in the process of establishing a new office in Brazil. Our client focus is internet startups in Brazil, primarily exciting ecommerce companies that have significant capital to invest for extreme growth.
This is a potentially very exciting opportunity if you are...
1. A fluent Portuguese speaker/writer (preferably Brazilian Portuguese)
2. You are a knowledgeable SEO professional
New business is being referred to us at a rapid clip, and we'll soon be overwhelmed with the workload (not that we're complaining)! We're looking for a seasoned SEO professional who...
can communicate fluently in English and Portuguese
keeps him or herself current on the latest SEO news and developments
is capable of running high quality SEO audits - both onsite and offsite
is capable of crafting detailed, high-level SEO strategies specific to each client
is comfortable directing content writers and other resources to implement your recommended strategies
is a humble, honest, and like-able
This job is ideal for someone who prefers part-time work initially and/or interested in relocating to Brazil (Note: you do *not* need to relocate to Brazil for this position). Compensation is negotiable. We would like to get started with interested, qualified candidates on a project basis to evaluate our chemistry (more details of the first project to be sent to qualified candidates). It's our expectation that this can evolve into a full-time position in 3-6 months, if desirable for the right candidate. Please send us a note explaining why this opportunity is right for you. Any resumes without an accompanying note will not be considered.
Published by: Ken D. Last reply: 3 years ago Brasil