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Workana for Companies is a personalized service on Workana, designed for companies that wish to hire independent talent. We seek to scale business models with the hybrid team setup, with remote professionals who are agile, flexible, and efficient. Workana for Companies has many benefits: saving time, personalized service (a Workana for Companies executive accompanies you during the entire process), invoicing from just one provider, access to the highest-rated talent, and more!
On the Workana platform, you'll find freelancers who will help you update your website, design your logo, program your mobile app, write articles, and much more. This methodology is automated: you log in to the platform, post your project, and begin receiving proposals. However, if you're looking to put together a team of agile professionals to participate in projects within your company, Workana Business is for you: you'll have an executive who will introduce you to the professionals and who will be your ally at all times (personalized service). You'll also receive administrative benefits (just one invoice from one provider), access to the best freelancers in the areas you need (IT, finance, marketing, content, audiovisual, copywriters, translators, etc.).
A Workana Business executive will show you the best profiles for the project that your company needs to get done, working together with an expert team of recruiters. You may also interview the future freelancers who are part of your project so you can get to know them better. In less than a week, you can have a team of independent talent in place and working remotely. We work with many different formats! You can request independent talent to help you with an upcoming project. Or, we can also help you with our freelancers to complete an in-house team, forming hybrid teams. We adapt to your needs and to those of your company!
Of course! An executive will assist you from start to finish, help you choose the best freelancers on the platform, answer all your questions, and will be your ally at Workana.
The service is flexible: you and your company decide how long to use it. Workana Business will connect you with the independent talent you need, using the method that best adapts to your needs, assuring agility throughout the process.
Projects for clients of Workana Business are offered to our most-required freelancers with the highest ratings. Furthermore, all of them have passed our technical tests in order to have a true understanding of their level in different technologies.
It's really unusual that this should happen, but if it happens, you won't have to worry about anything. Your Workana Business executive will quickly find another freelancer with the same skills so that your project does't get put on hold.
If you're looking to boost the results of your human resources team with speed in recruiting professionals, Workana Business can help you stay agile in an increasingly competitive market. Many companies are already working with us, because our goal is the same as our clients' goal: helping them grow their businesses. Some of the brands that are already using Workana Business to form teams for all types of projects: Unilever (Brazil), Retargetly (Argentina), Sirena (Mexico), Chiper (Colombia), Mi Águila (Colombia), Wisboo (Argentina), Uber (Brazil), Johnson & Johnson (Brazil), and more!
It's super easy! Fill out this form with some information, and a Workana executive will contact you to guide you through the next steps. We'd love your company to join us in this new way of working!