Check Sock App and Stock In App 2019

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App1: Check Stock
1a. Provide 2 fields left and right, left is a master StockCode (user need to scan on the barcode on the Box, then right field is let user scan barcode on the product, If matched, appear green light & sound, if not match show red light and sound, provide [reset] button & checkbox[Remain barcode1]. After 1 pair matched, either remain Barcode1, or both fields clear, if remain barcode1 means user will keep matching barcode1 to many.
Need history save to txt file daily. In the txt file need show every record datetime together.

1b. Pre-DeliveryOrder stock checking. Logistic Manager will print out many A4 paper called "Pre-DO" in 1 day, pass to 3 store-keeper to pick up correct stock.

In side here got the do number (converted & show in barcode) , many stockcodes (convereted & show in barcodes) and every stock got different qty itself (also converted into barcode). Refer attached file.
When store-keeper received some Pre-DO, he need to scan barcode to save into App (document by document) first, then the store-keeper will start going to pick up the correct stocks, he will open eigher 1 record, then match with inside stockcode by scan barcode.
If both match correct appear green light and sound., If not match, appear red light & sound. So 1 of the Pre-DO record, got 8 items, user must complete all, sometimes 1 of the stock is not available, allow user to cancel, so they only need to complete 7 items in this record, when done, provide 1 button [Complete]. And allow to print out to Mobile Bluetooth Printer.
For the completed records, save to excel / csv file day by day.
Any records not complete, pls save in [Drafts], user can continue to check on the next day.
(Multi stock Item by DO documents compare with real stock by scanning, use devices like Honeywell EDA50)

App2: Stock In
Stock In: First, this app need to download stock master from server, the stock items come with 2nd measurement, eg: 1 pcs, 1 ctn (48pcs). When production finish, need to key in qty then update by API back to server StockControl system.
In the app header: New record - Today DateTime, Transaction number (auto generate), Location, ProductionLine, Description1, Remark1, Remark2, RecorderName.

In the app Itemise: StockCode (allow by scan to pick from the downloaded stockMaster list), Stock Name, Qty (user can choose qty / ctn), itemreference1 (record datetime).

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project?: Medium-sized change
Is this a project or a position?: Project
I currently have: I have an idea
Required availability: As needed
Required platforms: Other
I need to: Create an app
App type: Management - Management application (appointments, product stock, etc.)
Back-end is required: No
Payment gateway: No

Android Responsive Web Design API

USD 500 - 1,000





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