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Contract/ Agreement drafting for Software Development Project.

Published on the April 14, 2022 in Legal

About this project


Description:  Contract/ Agreement drafting to engage a Software Development Company by giving them access to our system and enabling them to port and redevelop an existing software product. 

The engagement Contract/ Agreement  needs to cover :

1.    The basics of a Project engagement Contract/ Agreement
2.    A Stipulated effort that is going to be taken by the Company
3.    Duration is 6 months. We need to have Penalty clauses if there is a delay in completing the tasks
4.    Security of source code and an undertaking from each developer that is involved to respect the confidentiality of the product specs and design
5.    Any and all IP rights, innovation, algorithms, etc generated in this engagement belong to my company (the payer for services)
6.    Stipulate the cost and duration of this engagement as clearly as possible
7.    Any way possible to secure our Company (the payer) during this engagement

Main concern!
Securing our Company from delays, additional costs, and/or IP theft

Category Legal
Subcategory Other
Project size Small
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed

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